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The Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS) was started at IISER Bhopal in 2015 with the aim of promoting inter-disciplinary research and education between basic sciences and engineering. Faculty members of this department are actively involved in research in various core areas of electrical engineering and computer science, as well as in a few inter-disciplinary areas.

The department currently offers two academic programs. One is a PhD program in EECS. And another is a BS-MS (Dual Degree) program with two streams : Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) and Computer Science & Engineering (CSE).

Our PhD program offers an opportunity for students to work in several exciting areas of research. Some of the major attractions of our department are academic freedom and approachable faculty. IISER Bhopal also offers excellent infrastructure and a beautiful campus as an added bonus. Admission to our PhD program takes place twice a year (Jan and July) and applications are usually invited in October and April. For more details, please click here .

The two BS-MS streams (ECE and CSE) are envisaged to be unique in the sense that the students enrolling in these programs will get a wider exposure to basic sciences than is traditional. This will better prepare them for a career in research and academia. To leverage the benefits of having both of the ECE and the CSE programs owned by the same department (EECS), these programs are designed to have a common set of courses which will have the essential concepts from both the programs which are now perceived to be of fundamental importance to both. This is in recognition of the emerging trend in which certain aspects of computer science are finding increasing use in ECE, and vice versa. This forms a unique aspect of the programs which will better prepare the students for the future.

News & Announcement

Faculty Hiring: The EECS Department of IISER Bhopal is looking for bright faculty candidates in several areas of electrical engineering and computer science. Please click here for more information.