The Fourth Paradigm : From Data to Discovery
International Conference on Data Science & Engineering from 27-30th January, 2020.

  • Collective Decision Making: From Bees to Robots via Multiscale Modelling
    by Dr. Andreagiovanni Reina (Research Fellow in Collective Robotics-University of Sheffield, UK)
    at 5PM on 21s January, 2019 in L2.
  • Machine Learning Applications in Business and Science
    by Dr. Anish Roychowdhury [Mentor, Karmaa Lab]
    at 5PM on 22nd October, 2019 in L2.
  • Deep Learning for Medical Image Analysis
    by Dr. Ganapathy Krishnamurthi [Associate Professor, IIT Madras]
    at 5PM on 16th September, 2019 in L2.
  • How are Human-Object Interactions Perceived by Deep Neural Networks?
    by Dr. Sumeet Agarwal [Assistant Professor, IIT Delhi]
    at 4PM on 15th July, 2019 in L2.