Faculty Hiring

The EECS Department of IISER Bhopal is looking for bright faculty candidates in several areas of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

At the entry level, we typically require completion of PhD, 1-2 years of post-doctoral experience and an impressive research publication record. More information on how to apply is available on this page.

FAQs for prospective faculty candidates

Q: How does an EECS department fit into a primarily science institute like IISERB?

A: Science and engineering are two sides of the same coin. Science cannot proceed without use of technology and engineering in turn is based on applications of fundamental science. Hence, it is imperative for various domains of research to co-exist at the same institute.

Q: What is the significance of having a joint department between EE and CS?

A: Many research areas in EE and CS are increasingly becoming interdependent (eg. Embedded Systems, Machine Learning, Robotics, Numerical Computations, etc). Having these areas under a common umbrella of EECS helps in leveraging the strengths of both EE and CS to achieve a unified objective.

Q: What are the research areas in which faculty positions are currently available?

A: We are primarily looking for researchers working in the areas listed below. Exceptional candidates working in other areas of EECS are also encouraged to apply.

  • Communications and Signal Processing
  • Cyber Physical Systems
  • Computer Networking
  • Control Systems and Robotics
  • Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Electronic Devices, Sensors and Circuits
  • Embedded systems and Computer Architecture
  • Operating Systems and Compiler Design
  • Optics and Photonics
  • Theoretical Computer Science

Q: How much is the teaching and administrative load?

A: Each faculty is expected to teach around 1 course per semester. This is fairly lower than many other academic institutions in India. Though IISERB is a new institution, all of its processes are very streamlined. Hence, administrative work is not a major concern.

Q: How much lab space and office space is available?

A: Offices at IISERB are quite spacious and the facilities provided are of excellent quality. There is no dearth of space for computational work. A reasonable amount of lab space for experimental work will also be made available in the near future once the EECS dept gets its own building.

Q: Does the institute provide any seed grant for new faculty members?

A: Yes, the institute provides a generous seed grant for all new faculty members for setting up the initial laboratory and office infrastructure. This grant is usually available for a period of 2 years after joining, during which faculty members are expected to write proposals to various funding agencies (government/corporate) and get their own project funds.

Q: Is campus housing available? What are the other housing options?

A: Campus housing is quite limited and most new recruits have to live in the city. Very good housing options are available at a driving distance of about 15-20 mins and the rent is within the HRA limits provided by the institute. The roads leading to the institute and in other parts of the city are quite well maintained with very little traffic as compared to the metro cities, and so driving is quite a pleasurable experience.

Q: How far is the main city from IISERB campus? Does the institute provide any transportation facilities? Is public transportation available for commuting between the city and the campus?

A: The main city is about 15 kms from the IISERB campus. Public transportation (incl. Ola, Uber, etc) is easily available and there is also an institute bus which plies between the campus and city at certain fixed timings. IISERB also has a health center, a small shopping complex and a creche.

Q: How well connected is Bhopal to the rest of India? And how is Bhopal as a city?

A: Bhopal is a beautiful and clean city with all the modern amenities. It is also a quite safe place for women and children. Bhopal has direct flights to Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Lucknow. It also has direct trains to many other locations in India.