Santanu Talukder (Ph.D. IISc, Bangalore, India)
Assistant Professor
Micro and Nano scale devices and sensors, Scanning-Probe based techniques.
+91 755 269 2647
Group Homepage

  • B. Sc. - Physics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, 2004 - 2007
  • B. Tech. - Electronics& Instrumentation Engineering, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, 2007 - 2010
  • Ph.D. (along with M.S. (Engg.)) - Nano science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 2010 - 2016.

Professional Experience

  • October 2018 - Date: Assistant Professor, IISER Bhopal
  • April 2017 - September 2018: Post-Doctoral fellow at Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel.
  • March 2016 - March 2017: Post-Doctoral Fellow at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore.
  • August 2015 - February 2016: Junior Research Associate atCeNSE, IISc, Bangalore.
  • Micro and Nano scale devices and sensors, Scanning-Probe based techniques, Lithography, Material Transport - Electromigration, Electro-Ionic transport through 1D and 2D systems.
  • Feinberg Graduate Scholarship for pursuing PDF in Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, in 2017.
  • Gandhian Young Technological Innovation (GYTI) award in 2017 for development of electrolithography tool, given in RashtrapatiBhavan, New Delhi.
  • BIRAC-SRISTI grant, 2017 from DBT, Govt. of India.
  • Best Innovative Ph.D. Project Award, 2016 from Indian National Academy of Engineers (INAE)
  • Best Oral Presentation Award in International Conference on Nanotechnology: Ideas, Innovations and Initiatives, IIT Roorkee, India, 2017.
  • ITS Grant from SERB (DST, Govt. of India), in 2016.
  • Article on "Electrolithography" (Nature Scientific Reports, vol. 5, 17753) selected as show case article amongst 74 articles published on 4th Dec, 2015.
  • Article on Controlled Material Transport and Multidimensional Patterning (Current Science, vol. 108 (12), pp. 2167, 2015) selected for cover page illustration.
  • All India rank 17 in GATE 2010 (Joint Admission Test to M. Tech. at IITs).
  • All India rank 55 in IIT JAM 2007 in Physics paper (Joint Admission Test to M.Sc. at IITs)
  • All India rank 14 in JEST 2007 in Physics Paper (Joint Entrance Screening Test for Admission to PHD at various research institutes).
  • National Merit Scholarship on the basis of 12th standard board examination Result.
  • National Merit Scholarship on the basis of 10th standard board examination Result.
  • Advanced Nano-Patterning Using Scanning Probe Technology, Department of Materials Engineering, IISc, Bangalore, 12th Dec 2017.
  • 'Study and control of electromigration driven material transport for Applications in Nanofabrication and Patterning', Microsystems Laboratory (LMIS1), EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, 25th September, 2015.
  • 'MATLAB programming', Bangalore Institute of Technology (BIT), Bangalore, 27th July, 2016.
  • "Ionic transport through patterned surface nano channels fabricated on self-assembled organosilane monolayers", BedantaGogoi, Santanu Talukder, RivkaMaoz and Jacob Sagiv, 24th World Nano Conference, Rome, Italy, 2018.
  • "Advanced nanopatterning using scanning probe technology", Santanu Taulder, BedantaGogoi, Praveen Kumar, RudraPratap, RivkaMaoz and Jacob Sagiv, International Conference on Nanotechnology: Ideas, Innovations and Initiatives, Roorkee, India, December 2017 (3rd position in best paper award).
  • "Nanoscale patterning in ambient conditions using liquid electromigration", Santanu Talukder, Praveen Kumar and RudraPratap, SPIE Advanced Lithography Conference, San Jose, CA, USA, February 2016.
  • "Periodic pattern formation using electric field driven material transport", Santanu Talukder, Praveen Kumar and RudraPratap, 41st Micro and Nano Engineering (MNE 2015), Hague, Netherlands, September 2015.
  • "Material Transport and 3-D Patterning at Small Length Scales using Controlled Electromigration", Santanu Talukder, Praveen Kumar and RudraPratap,2nd IEEE International Conference on Emerging Electronics, Bangalore, India, December 2014.
  • "Tailoring electromigration in liquid and solid states for fabricating highly reliable piezoresistive sensors", Santanu Talukder, Praveen Kumar and RudraPratap, International Conference on MEMS and Sensor, Chennai, India December 2014.
  • "Nanoscale control of Electromigration for enhancing metal piezoresistivity", SantanuTalukder, ArindamGhosh and RudraPratap; International Conference on Smart Materials Structures and Systems, Bangalore, India, January, 2012
  • "Creation by destruction with an Electron Tsunami", Santanu Talukder, Praveen Kumar, Arindam Ghosh and RudraPratap, Bangalore- Nano 2012 International Conference, Bangalore, India, December 2011.