IISER Bhopal has started a BS-MS program in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science [EECS] from 2017 onwards with further specialisation into two streams : Electronics and Communication Engineering [ECE] or Computer Science and Engineering [CSE]. In order to be enrolled in this program, it is mandatory to have had Mathematics at the 10+2 level.

From 2018 onwards, all the BS-MS programs of IISER Bhopal have been clubbed under two broad umbrellas : Natural Sciences and Engineering Sciences, and students will have to choose between these two options at the time of admission. Students admitted into BS-MS (Engineering Sciences) will be given the option of choosing between EECS and Chemical Engineering at the end of 2nd year.

In their 1st year, all BS-MS students of the institute do common core courses. In the 2nd year, students are given the opportunity to do a pre-major in two disciplines (eg. EECS and Chemical Engineering) in order to be able to decide their Major discipline. Students who opt for EECS as their Major discipline at the beginning of their 3rd year are further divided into ECE and CSE streams, which have a few common courses (called STEM).

The 3rd and 4th years are utilised in doing core and elective courses, while the 5th year is primarily dedicated to original research where a student works with one or two faculty members on a topic of mutual interest. Students should identify a thesis supervisor by the end of the fourth year and are encouraged to spend the following summer reading the background material relevant to the broad area in which they want to work.

Course list for the Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Details of the Admission Process

The EECS Department offers a Minor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science to BS-MS and BS students of other disciplines at IISER Bhopal. All these students admitted from 2017 onwards need to do 30 credits of coursework, out of which 20 credits will be from the 6 compulsory STEM courses listed below offered by the EECS Department. The remaining 10 credits can be obtained by doing any other core/elective course offered by the EECS Department for students of 3rd or higher year.

ECS201Discrete Mathematics

ECS202Basic Electronics

ECS203Data Structures and Algorithms

ECS204Introduction to Signal Processing and Systems

ECS301Principles of Communication

ECS303Computer Organization

Those interested in pursuing a PhD in the EECS department are encouraged to have a look at the research areas page to know the research focus of our faculty members. It is advised to establish a preliminary contact with some faculty member before submitting a formal application.

For other details and call for applications please check here.